17 March 2007

Beverly Hills for Tucks

When you decide to open a centre of excellence for plastic surgery at the heart of the world famous Rodeo Drive, you must expect to be talked about. Not surprising then, that the name of Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery is being mentioned in the top style magazines across the globe. Over here in Britain, it has been featured in Grazia magazine and the Daily Mail. The reason for this fame is their revolutionary technique for conducting tummy tuck operations. This method is called abdominoplasty, and has been successfully carried out on thousands of happy clients. The Rodeo Drive clinic has also made a name with two other cosmetic surgery offerings: the Rodeo Drive Belly Button™ and the Rodeo Drive MommyMakeover™. The founding plastic surgeon, Dr. Lloyd Krieger, believes that many plastic surgery practices fail to treat patients as informed customers. Rodeo Drive Tummy Tuck delivers cutting edge techniques, yet always puts your needs and desires first.

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