19 October 2007

London from the inside

I am so lucky, because I was born in the greatest city on the world - London. This is a place where you can live life to the full, with some of the best arts and entertainments anywhere on the planet. London is also home to some excellent restaurants, and the term 'Modern British' has become synonymous with the best cuisine you will find. When you visit our great country, take some advice before booking Accommodation in London and you can stay in the most vibrant parts of the city, avoiding the dodgy 'tourist hotels in some of the less desirable areas. My chosen parts of London for accommodation would be centred on the West End. There are some excellent hotels north of Oxford Circus, also in Bloomsbury, which is close to Tottenham Court Road. Covent garden and Soho are now home to several high quality boutique hotels - this is some of the top London Accommodation, placing you on top of everything that you could possible want to see. The same rule applies to Manchester Hotels: stay in a central location and you will be within walking distance of all the top city attractions.


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NZ sport

Ok, so we are flying high over here in the UK on sports at the moment - but down under in New Zealand there are quite a few bug events in the coming months that are worthy of any sport fan's attention. For example did you realise that the two islands are playing host to the Waitakere World Junior Badminton Championships 2007? This is a region that is definitely mad about sport, it mist be something to do with all that sunshine. Auckland is home to the historic Eden Park rugby and cricket stadium, which is well located close to the city centre. This plays host to dozens of top matches each season and if you would like to get along, make sure you check out the top quality Auckland Accommodation where you can make a weekend of it.

Why stay there for longer? Because Auckland has a well-kept secret: this unassuming city is actually an arts lover's haven, being the home to numerous world-class performing arts venues including the Aotea Centre and Vector Arena. So stay a while and enjoy the culture as well as the local vibe. For the international traveller you will find that Auckland Hotels offer excellent value for money, and you will have the chance to stay at a top quality hotel for a fraction of the cost without sacrificing an ounce of quality. Hotels in Auckland are among the bets in New Zealand, so make sure you think about making the city your touring base.


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18 October 2007

Cut debt

Five Easy Steps to Credit Card Debt Elimination

For many consumers, credit card debt elimination can seem like mission impossible. When you're thousands of dollars in debt and trying desperately to find a light at the end of the tunnel, the outlook can be quite bleak. Fortunately, no one is beyond help when it comes to breaking free from credit card debt. Here are five easy steps that will have you on the road to credit card debt elimination in no time.

1. Get All of Your Credit Card Statements Together

If you're serious about credit card debt elimination, the first thing you need to do is gather all of your credit card statements together and begin creating a "debt elimination" spreadsheet.

What's going to go on this spreadsheet? You'll want to note how much you owe on each credit card, the interest rate and whether that rate is an introductory teaser rate or a long-term rate. If any of your credit card rates are currently on an introductory time line, make note of when that rate will expire and what it will go up to when it does.

2. Figure Out How Much You Can Afford Each Month

Once you know exactly where your debt stands, it's time to form your game plan. This is critical if you want to pursue credit card debt elimination in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.

First, take a look at how much you can afford to put towards your debt each month. Add up all of your monthly expenses (not including the minimum monthly credit card payments you must make). Take all of your other expenses (include rent/mortgage, car payments, insurance, gas, groceries, utilities, phone, etc.) and add them up.

Once you have your monthly expenses added up, deduct them from your income and see how much you have left over. Take as much of that amount as you possibly can and put it towards your credit card debt elimination plan.

For instance, let's say you have $400 a month left after all of your monthly expenses have been paid. Take $350 of that (leave $50 for emergencies, etc.) and put that towards paying off your credit card debt.

3. Addressing Your Minimum Monthly Payments

The next step towards credit card debt elimination is adding up all of the minimum monthly payments for all of your credit cards. For instance, if you have three credit cards, all with a minimum monthly payment of $75, your total minimum monthly payments would be $225.

If your credit card allocation were $350 each month like the scenario we outlined above, you'd be in okay shape so far. However, if your minimum monthly payments were $400 and you could only afford $350, then you have a serious problem and you need to start cutting out expenses. This may mean turning off your cable till you've achieved credit card debt elimination or foregoing your Starbucks runs, but it will be worth it in the long run.

4. The Plan of Attack

Now that you know exactly how much debt you have and how much money you can afford to pay off that debt each month, it's time to form your plan of attack.

First, take the total of your minimum monthly payments and subtract it from what you have allocated towards credit card debt elimination. So if you have minimum monthly payments of $225 and a credit card debt elimination allocation of $350, your remaining balance would be $125. Take that $125 and apply it towards the credit card with the highest interest rate.

Once the credit card with the highest interest rate is paid off, you're going to take the money you were paying towards that card each month (in this case, it'd be the $125 plus the $75 minimum monthly payment) and pay that $200 towards the card that now has the highest interest rate in addition to the minimum monthly payment. Keep repeating this process until you have achieved total credit card debt elimination.

5. The Fruits of Your Labor

Once your credit cards are all paid off, take half of what you were paying towards your debt and put it into a savings account. This will help you avoid having to rack up credit card debt in the future.

What are you going to do with the other half? Take that half and apply it to the things you were doing without while pursuing credit card debt elimination. After all, once credit card debt elimination is achieved, you do deserve to treat yourself.

For more tips on credit card debt, saving money and avoiding getting taken, check out CreditCardTipsEtc.com, a website that specializes in providing credit card tips, advice and resources.


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11 October 2007

Making it

Making money is short-term and the income
stops when you stop working.

Building a successful business is long-term
and your income can continue long after you
stop working.

Making money is something that you can do
alone. Building a successful business
requires the participation and cooperation
of other people.

There are lots of ways to earn money, but
creating wealth requires something more.
To create wealth, you have to be able to
get paid again and again for something that
you do only once.


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03 October 2007

Lead Opps

I have been a member of Commission Junction as an affiliate for eighteen months or more. If you have been checking out affiliate marketing you will have heard the name, and a lot of webmasters and bloggers make a good living from Commission Junction in the same way as Clickbank. My experience has been patchy to say the least. For many months the earnings level stayed stubbornly on $0 and even when money started to clock up, the figures were paltry. So I am pleased that the market is opening up to others. For example, The Lead Marketplace/Exchange
is another site that will offer webmasters like me the chance to earn on the actions that their web visitors take. Hopefully it will give existing sites a run for their money.

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