26 August 2006

Butterfly Marketing Manuscript - Try it FREE Today

How would you like to learn from a guy who has built his list to over 350,000 people and makes a steady 6 figures month in and month out on total autopilot? Well, now is your chance because for the first time ever, Mike Filsaime is letting you get your hands on his Butterfly Marketing Manuscript.

Perhaps you have been looking at the material before and hesitated before taking the plunge? Well, I have been able to get you a 'leaked' first chapter from the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript - you can download it here FREE, a few seconds from now.

These same tactics and strategies that he teaches in this breakthrough report helped Michael Cheney of Adsense Videos do over $200,000 in sales in just 7 days! This book teaches you solid strategies and tactics to launch and market ANY product successfully - try it FREE today.
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25 August 2006

Invite the Spiders Round - SEO Ideas

Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization
Unless you have a large budget for Pay Per Click advertising, sooner or later you will need to look at optimizing your website so that search engines can find you. Many organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques show results only after several months .. so it is one of the first things to do when creating a new website or web page.
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23 August 2006

Business Opportunity Reviews

The August edition of 'Internet Business Tips Ezine' is now available for you to read online. This month we are giving away

* FREE a top quality eBook showing how you can use Google Adwords to make money online
* Ways to use Google and Yahoo to spy on the top ten sites. We have free access to the site that will show you what to do to reach the top ten for your keyword.
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15 August 2006

Pimp Your Website or Blog

I could not resist using in a headline, forgive me as there is a serious point regarding . If the cannot see the content of your site they cannot rate it. I have just been reading notes from last week's Search Engine Strategies Conference. Two very good examples:
1. if you are trying to be picked up on a key phrase make sure your page copy centres on it.
2. When selling visual products do not overload the page with photos at the expense of text, a combination that will get a typical site shunned by the search engines - nothing for a spider to pick up. You can read more here
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11 August 2006

Brilliant Ideas for Link Campaigns

WebPro News today reported on the and Viral Search Success session at SES 2006 in San Jose. I was intrigued by this sentence -
'When brainstorming about how to set up a viral campaign ... look at examples of "brilliant" ideas.' Well you are in the right place! You can read the full article here:
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09 August 2006

Business Basics Online

My parents ran a grocery corner shop in and that is my understanding of business: selling things people need or want, in the right place at the right time and at the right price. That is the , as you probably noticed. I am going back to basics with this business, and I will do my best to convince my girlfriend to see my point. I will keep you posted - please look out for headlines "52 year old entrepreneur killed in crime of passion".
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06 August 2006

Jensen Button First F1 GP win

Persistence pays - Congratulations to on his . Jensen went into his 104th grand prix this morning still searching for a win. Waiting this long has one advantage and Button used his experience to keep rampant expectation at bay. Starting a website is also a test of staying power. Keep following tried and tested techniques and do not expect millions overnight.
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05 August 2006

You Need To See This!

As my friend the says:
It is amazing that most people get dressed each day in the clothes that they buy for work, driving through morning traffic in a car they are still paying for in order to get to the job they need, so they can pay for the clothes, pay for the car, and pay for the home they leave empty all day to go to work in order to afford to live in it…

Does this sound like you? You need to check out this new book - Could get you off that treadmill ....
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03 August 2006

Internet Business Course

This week we have been invited to two free in London. The last time we went we picked up some good ideas,but only escaped narrowly from spending 000s on a course. Afterwards we learnt that past participants had not received the promised jump start to their business. We will probably go along to one of the , although I find it strange that they plan dinner at 6pm! Obviously a transatlantic habit ....
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