31 July 2006

Indexed on Google

My partner is very into or as we call it in England. So she is very pleased that this Blog is indexed on Google already -I only started posting on 26 July. How did we manage it: visit our main site to find out how.
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29 July 2006

Home business- let's go

Hi there, This is me kicking into a continuing - and hopefully interesting- blog on being with someone who is really going for it to ,and gain ultimate satisfaction.

Stay tuned- I'll be back tomorrow

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28 July 2006

Make PPC Money from searches

Lots of emails regarding Search BigDaddy last night, so I thought I should just clarify. Do not bite his hand off literally - I meant figuratively... In other words, the offer is free, the service is good, and you get Pay Per Click Money to play with as you wish. To repeat - Search BigDaddy. is free to join, $50 free advertising credits, and more credits for every search you make. As far as I know, BigDaddy's hands are still OK. Make him happy and sign up today!
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27 July 2006

Search for Cash

Well my scepticism has been tested already - is there such a thing as a ? Possibly. My partner gets very excited about new ideas, while I am more circumspect. However I can find no flaws in Search BigDaddy. Free to join, $50 free advertising credits, and more credits for every search I make. If an opportunity costs nothing and can , who am I to argue? Go and bite BigDaddy's hand off - fast!
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