23 June 2007


The Apprentice was one of the best ideas for reality TV in my view - it has a clear focus on business and viewers actually get information by watching, unlike some other so-called reality shows. Now you can hear the experiences of previous winners in the new Trump University Speaker Series of live teleseminars. This is an unmissable chance to hear the business lessons they learned during and after the programme. If you need bucketloads of motivation - and who doesn't - get over there and register, since places are strictly limited.
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19 June 2007

Under the knife

For anybody who is thinking of having weight loss surgery carried out, there is a new option called bariatric surgery. With any new procedure you need to be fully informed as to what is involved, so here is an explanation. The surgeon uses an inflatable adjustable gastric band which is inserted around your stomach via small (laparoscopic) incisions. The gastric band stretches round the top half of the stomach. This creates a small stomach pouch and passageway into the lower part of the stomach. In this situation your stomach will send a message out that it is full even though you have eaten less. This makes it much easier to lose excess weight. The surgeons at Journey Lite are experts in this new operation and they can advise whether it is the right option for you.


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07 June 2007

online gambling

Maybe I am just fussy - or lazy, because although I like betting and gambling, I really dislike the atmosphere in casinos or betting shops. Most of the other clients look a bit sad, and security can be heavy at a casino. Also as a female I would not venture in a casino on my own. Online gaming could have been made for people like me: sitting at home with a cup of tea or maybe something stronger, I can have a flutter in peace. I had a look this week at the latest games and offers - there is a huge selection of top notch games that you can start playing online, and at this great Gaming Club you can play at any time of night - you don't even have to get dressed!
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