30 January 2009

TV matters

Just before Christmas we decided to buy a plasma TV - finally. Of course these purchases can be quite complex, because you need to buy the set and decide where it is going to be located. The more devices you are connecting to your television, the more wires there are likely to be so you must make up your mind how to conceal them.

My head was spinning, but fortunately I did a search and found out about Just TV stands. After that it was easy as they guarantee the lowest prices on all their stock so I simply looked through their range and read the explanations. They understand that nobody wants to look at a mess of wires so they include tidy up gadgets with every stand.

There are a lot of trendy new designs available and they are all here - makes like Origin, Ateca and GT TV stands. These are some of the best on the market, designed and manufactured using the very highest quality materials. The attraction for me was that Just TV stands is a UK firm, from Yorkshire, and all orders are delivered from there. The last thing I wanted was a long wait for the thing to be delivered: after all it took me long enough to choose! By the way, there is no extra charge for delivery - the price you see is the price you pay.
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22 January 2009

Seven things not to say when selling

Seven Words You Cannot Say In Sales

In the early 70's, George Carlin created quite a stir with his comedic "Seven Words You Can't Say on Television." So much so, that his original routine is still talked about today. His choices were funny to some and grossly offensive to others. The fact remains, that despite a steady decline in moral standards on television, those seven words remain off-limits to this day, at least on network television.

Our word choices and uses are important. They often convey our level of intelligence and understanding to others. Incorrect usage of words displays ignorance, causing others not to take us seriously. Words help to create pictures in our minds. This is critically important, especially in selling, where perception often means everything. "What you are doing speaks so loudly, that I cannot hear what you are saying." says Ralph Waldo Emerson. One might re-phrase that expression to say "I hear what you are saying, but I understand what I am perceiving."

The following words depict negativity and are perceived by your customers as evasive, uncaring, non-interested and non-committal. Trust me, if you are being perceived in this manner, you have already dug yourself into a deep hole and further speech will likely bury you. Lose these seven immediately:

1. forgot

2. blame

3. excuse

4. can't

5. don't-care

6. won't-do

7. no

People want to be part of business and personal relationships where they feel they have importance and matter to the other person. Is that not what you want? There is no place for words or a mindset such as these on the journey towards success. These seven words represent apathy and self-serving, traits that seldom lead to sales growth. It is not only these exact words but the attitudes behind them that must be eliminated.

Development of superior selling skills begins with sincere interest in others. It begins with having the genuine desire to be of service. Our customers not only expect these but demand them as well. It is the base of what will develop into a relationship.

We are in the early stages of another presidential election season. There are seldom more opportunities to witness words, intentions and records more highly scrutinized than right now. Will President Clinton ever live down his scrutiny of the word "the" in defense of his actions? Learn from seeing how words will surely be separated from context, twisted and edited to mean something totally new. "What did you mean when you said...?" will be a commonly asked politically-charged question.

Choose your words carefully. Mean what you say. Forget vulgarity. Forget off-color humor. Forget clouded meanings. Be direct in your communications so that your customer knows exactly what you can, cannot and will do for them. Make certain that they thoroughly understand your intentions and expectations. This is where integrity shines. Clear word choices lead to clear communication which in turn leads to satisfying relationships. Choose your words carefully and win.


Daniel Sitter, author of both Learning For Profit and Superior Selling Skills Mastery, has garnered extensive experience in sales, training, marketing and personal development spanning a successful 25 year career. Experience his blog at http://www.idea-sellers.com

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12 January 2009

get paid to do this

Get Paid To Give Away Credit Cards - Is This A Legitimate Home Business?

There is a new type of home based business where you can get paid to give away credit cards. At the time of writing, this new type of business is still treated with caution by some people and is not widely available. It is early days, but I have a feeling that giving away credit cards is going to be a popular way of making money at home and might even overtake the online survey and online data entry business in the ways to make money at home charts. If I am right, in a very short time, we will start to see new credit card promotion programs springing up in copy-cat style offering people generous commissions to promote credit cards.

When you consider the fact that this business involves you showing people where they can easily obtain something they want, you will understand how easy it can be to make money giving away credit cards. This is one of the best home based business ideas currently on offer for three reasons:

1. It involves promoting an in-demand product;

2. The way the program is set up makes the business very simple to work at;

3. The business is ideal for promotion both online and in the bricks and mortar world.

First, a quick word about the way the credit card promotion business is set up. (The set-up I describe belongs to one particular credit card promotion company but, it is a pretty safe bet that the copy-cat companies will adopt a similar system.) The company provides a pre-built customizable website, promotional tools, and full training on how to promote the business. The training covers offline promotion as well as Internet advertising and includes using free advertising resources. In addition you will be given some nice bonuses (eg personalised business cards). The website will be automatically updated, so you don't need to know anything about coding web pages. Free hosting is provided for your website, so there are no hosting fees for you to pay.

Back to the question of whether this is a legitimate way to earn money. I can fully understand why people would have reservations on this point; I always shy away from the idea of promoting an unknown company offering loans of any type. There are probably honest companies offering some of these credit facilities but I would not like to have to live with the idea that I might be promoting loan sharks. You can easily clear your mind of this kind of doubt in regard to promoting credit cards: a look at the names of the credit card companies included in the program will reassure you because you are bound to recognise some, if not all, of the banks involved.

Another reassuring thing about giving away credit cards is that you are not trying to persuade people to sign up for any one particular credit card: you are offering a choice, so they can pick the credit card that best suits their individual needs.

To sum up the situation: giving away credit cards is an excellent way to make money working at home. It is a legitimate home business and a fairly easy way to earn money from home.


To learn more about how you can get paid to give away credit cards visit Elaine Currie's Top 30 Work At Home Directory at http://www.huntingvenus.com/homebusinessarticles/canyoumakemoneygivingawaycreditcards.html featuring the best home business for women at http://www.HuntingVenus.com

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03 January 2009

New online businesses

Starting an Online Business and Staying On Purpose

Starting an online business is something that many people are seeking as a way out of their regular jobs and routine. Many believe it will be easy, and are later disappointed when they find out it takes as much work, if not more, than a regular job.

That's why it's so very important to start an online business with purpose so that you don't get easily discouraged. What does it mean to be, or do things "on purpose"?

It simply means that there is a good reason why you are doing what you are doing. Living a life "on purpose" means that you do what comes naturally to you, as well as what you love doing. In doing so, you are living according to the hidden master plan that each one of has within us, whether we realize it or not.

When starting an online business, you will most certainly have a better chance of success when you choose a business that suits you. It's true that most people don't know what their purpose in life is, or what their calling is. Sometimes we have to try things out to find out, even if it doesn't work out in the end. Each experience, good or bad, is something we can learn from, and life is all about learning.

One of the reasons why people don't follow their innate purpose in life when starting an online business is because they don't listen to their intuition, or don't have a well-developed sense of intuition. Intuition is the gut feelings that tell you to do or not do something, or to follow one path instead of another. Many of us fail to listen to these.

What we must keep in mind is that intuition is very real, and it's trying to tell us something. When we don't pay attention to that, we usually end up doing things that are not in line with our purpose.

We end up being aggravated, frustrated, angry, hurt, embarrassed, or unsuccessful. If we don't clue in that this is not our true purpose, we may even end up putting ourselves in the exact same situations over and over again.

When you get into a rut like that when you are starting an online business, or whatever else, it's time to pay attention to the fact that you are in a tornado-like whirlwind of repeated unsuccessful life and online business situations. You will only get out of it if you are aware of the cycle, and make some changes to free yourself from it.

When starting an online business, there are some ways to keep your purpose in mind. As mentioned above, listen to your gut instincts and follow through with them. Know yourself and what your strengths and weaknesses are. Pay attention to what attracts you, and when your soul is restless and seeking change.

Remember that your life is a creation, and you are in control to paint the life you want. If you're starting an online business and it's not going well, then start by changing how you think about things. If you want more money and aren't getting it, change your thoughts and actions to paint the picture of your business that you desire.

How do we know what our true purpose is when starting the online business of our dreams? One way to find out is just by knowing that there is a reason for everything that happens to us, and that anything is possible.

If something bad happens to us, realize that this misfortune is leading us to our true purpose. When you think that you can accomplish anything you dream about, then you are open to receiving the true potential of your life, and drawing into your life circumstances that lead you to fulfill your dreams.

Start your online business by being self-aware, being open to changing your thoughts when things don't go your way, being in tune with your purpose by following intuitions, and following that path.

This will all make starting an online business that much easier, and you will find that things flow smoothly and successfully when you are in line with, and "on purpose".


Liane Bate owns a Plug-in Profit Site web business, and is author of 110+ articles related to online business and internet marketing.
Is your online business your true calling? Find out here: http://www.HonestMoneyMaking.com
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