02 September 2012


On a recent shopping trip to New York, my husband bought four pairs of jeans, two shirts and four pairs of shoes.  I tagged along behind with a single pair of jeans, a top and a tee shirt from The Gap.  This is why he is a prime candidate to sign up to a new site called Stylepilot.  This new website allows men to express their preferences in terms of style, brands and lifestyle and the site then serves up a selection of offerings designed to suit the individual.  Why are things always so easy for the guys?

My husband seems to spend many hours every week planning his 'look', whether for the office or for our rare days off.  He has reached an age when he has left men's fashion behind, but revels in men's style.  Steve McQueen is one of his idols, and I understand why - for me he is the epitome of a guy who understood men's style.  He wore a Harrington jacket in the 1970s, and over thirty years later that item was on my husband's birthday wish list. The new Stylepilot site features a range of brands, from Topshop through to Paul Smith, so it will help any guy find his style, regardless of budget.