27 February 2010

Web hosting advice

If you are about to start a website of your own, here is some advice from someone who had to learn the hard way. The first tip is to avoid the deals where you are told you are getting a free domain name with your web hosting package. If you do this, you could find that the domain belongs to your web host and not you.

If your site becomes successful you could find that you end up in a battle over its ownership. Imagine if the domain becomes the next Facebook and someone else takes it over and makes all the money. So the second advice is to find a good Linux Web Host - that is the most common system on offer. There are a growing number of Windows web hosting arrangements and these are a lot more user friendly, in my opinion.
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03 February 2010

Little ones

It is all change here at the moment, as our family has suddenly expaned in size with the arrival of our eldest son who wants to find fame and fortune here in sunny Sussex. He is a young looking (good looking) young guy, not exactly a baby. But an old lady outside the supermarket yesterday demanded to know why he was not at school! 'Come off it' I said, he outgrew kids placemats
years ago. They say the police look younger as you get older, and it seems the rule applies to everyone. Things have changed so much for kids in the last few years.

When ours were little we had no tailor-made childrens activity packs to amuse them - we had to think up games ourselves. The games were not always a great success, either. They did not think a long walk in the woods was the most fun thing for three small girls to do, and they whined all the time to go for a pizza. Now they are all grown up they will find out how hard it is to entertain the next generation.
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