12 December 2011


If you have elderly parents or other relatives, then you need to read this. The best Christmas present that you can possibly buy them this year is a huge bag of rock salt for their safety outside the house during the winter months. Forget packs of toiletries that just end up in a cupboard, or sock that they never open, buy something with a purpose - Rock Salt for paths! One slip on the ice could mean three months in plaster - and I speak from experience. My Mother is currently lying in a hospital bed with a fracture that happened four weeks ago. This has caused her loads of pain and means she cannot live at home again until the plaster is removed. This kind of product should be supplied free of charge to old people, in my view. It has the potential to save the hospitals £000s in avoiding fractures. But it isn't, so we have to buy it. A nice big bag of rock salt should deal with this winter's big freeze and the good news is that you can get it delivered to the doorstep. This is top quality stuff, and far more effective than sand or cinders. Do not take chances with your health or that of your parents.