18 June 2011

Self promotion

If you need to promote your business, as we all do, there are many ways of getting your message in front of your target audience. Something that seems as everyday as a promotional product - say a pen - is used by the recipient, who looks at your name and your message every time they use it. I got a small promotional diary from a local firm of accountants at the end of last year, and I use it to record all my daily expenses. And guess what - when I needed to find an accountant for my business, they were the first people I rang. So those corporate pens and diaries can still play a part in the marketing and promotional mix, even in these days of Twitter, Facebook Pages et al.

One new addition to the fold is the reusable shopping bag. Over the past few years these have become a staple and fashionable item that most shoppers use - I've got several. If you present your clients with well-designed, smart Promotional shopping bags, they are going to use theirs day in and day out, like a mobile advertisement for YOUR business. Imagine how mush you would have to pay for prime outdoor poster sites in a major city, then consider how little these bags cost to produce.

Any promotional item that fills a need is going to be retained and used by the recipient, who becomes your best unpaid publicist. So before you pay yet another flash online advretising agency, maybe you should go back to basics and consider how printed promotional products can get your business to where you want to be.
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Next step

Thousands of people who want to keep improving their chances of getting a better job, or starting a successful business, are turning to all sorts of Online Courses as a means of achieving their education objectives. Learning online is a cost-effective and time-effective way of studying for qualifications or vocational certificates. For an aspiring entrepreneur, there is a tempting array of online degree programs in business where you can study all business disciplines, and get to grips with the less exciting aspects that can bring a business down - accountancy, for example.

To start looking for the right college and course to further your education, you could have a look at the Institute of Education Science College Navigator on http://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator/ . This website has been set up to help you find the right college for you, so make good use of it - it's free, after all.
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