27 January 2010


Today was rubbish day - not a rubbish day, but the day when all good citizens are expected to put their refuse in the right receptacle to save the planet. It has crept up on us really, and I can dimly remember the times when we put all our stuff in one bin, or a bag, and left it on the doorstep on the same day every week. Then gradually the message built up that it became the responsible thing to
recycle e waste and we are all expected to take the things to specially situated bottle banks. These then developed into recycling centres, and the whole thing became serious.

Then someone worked out how much petrol was being used to make trips to the dump, and doorstep recycling was born. Of course these collections do not cover major refurbs, and on those occasions a service like skip hire sydney is a requisite. Here in our small village there is no space for skips, and our builder has to take everything away in his van.
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Beach break

It is still quite affordable for us to fly to the States for a holiday, in spite of the exchange rate, because the holidays over there are actually better value than many European resorts. And I am not talking about Miami, which is now like a Stateside version of Blackpool. The latest 'in' place, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, has amazing beaches. It is relatively uncrowded with miles and miles of southerly sandy shores fringed with palm trees.

You can rent a condo on the oceanfront at Avista resort, something which is unaffordable for ordinary families in other areas. Imagine spending your holiday overlooking the beach directly, going to sleep to the sound of waves lapping gently on the shore .... You can stroll for miles, or take a spa escape while the rest of your family play safely on the beach. I really need to indulge myself, and very soon.
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Travelling soon

After such a long spell of cold and dull weather, my thoughts are definitely turning to holidays. yesterday was the first afternoon when we still saw the sun after 4pm, and the birds were singing as well. Where to go, though? I have received plenty of offers for deals at cheap hotels -both at home and abroad.

I think I need to get further south to soak up some rays after all the snow and ice, so unfortunately that will mean we need airline tickets as well. I am fed up with the poor service from some of the budget carriers, but the good news is that 'proper' airlines like BA can usually match their fares if you go to the right comparison sites.

It is also easy to find a great hotel for not-much money if you look at one of the big travel review sites. These have recent reviews by real holiday makers, giving an honest opinion of how they enjoyed their stay - or not!

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15 January 2010


After the coldest spell of weather for 30 years this January, we are all counting the cost. This morning I noticed that one of my terracotta Planters is disintegrating around the rim, and looking very sorry for itself. Of course we all know that a soft material like this is vulnerable to damage by frost and snow, and it really is not a great choice for use in an Outdoor Planter. When we had the chance to buy some new Decorative Planters after moving house last year I chose the lead imitation versions, which are made from a synthetic material. To me they look almost as good as traditional Versailles planter, with two important differences. First the cost and second, the weight. The new ones are much lighter and easier to move round the garden. I think they look great, and so far they have stood up to the bad weather.
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08 January 2010


Getting extra help with areas of study that are proving difficult used to be costly and time consuming. One positive development on the internet is the availability of online tutoring. This offers help for your children with topics like Algebra 2 if they are finding it hard to assimilate the salient points. When you miss a vital lesson even a straight A K12 student can find that they need some help in finding the solution to Algebra 1 Problems.

The cost of an all inclusive tutoring package for your little ones is probably a lot less than you might think, so it is worth checking out. Unless both parents are maths professors, chances are that your ability to help them with Algebra Problems is quite limited, so it is best to get some professional backup. This way, you can give them a head start for the next exams and help them pass first time. If you are still unsure, remember that you can try the service for free

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07 January 2010

Lock it

I never thought, at my great age, that Lockers would still loom large in my life. Memories of dusty School lockers are still with me, as these were the area where the best gossip was exchanged! They were never big enough for all the books and kit I needed with me, and I still needed to drag a bag of stuff backwards and forwards on the school bus.

Then of course, later in life I joined a health club where the Gym Lockers wer certainly of a higher standard. They came in two sizes and naturally I needed to use the larger one. They had to be made more secure after a member's car keys were stolen from his locker and the thief made off with his new car.

And now I am about to open my cafe, where I will need a locker or safe place to store valuables while the premises are open. This will need to be big enough for an oversized handbag and coat - I think a wardrobe is going to be required, as packing light has never been my strength.
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Despite what you might read to the contrary, the world is still multilingual. English, Spanish and Chinese are the most widely spoken languages but there are still millions of occasion every day when a translation is required to allow all those involved to understand the contents fully. The career possibilities for a qualified translator are still enormous, as they are involved in high level meetings between importers and suppliers, politicians, diplomats and many others.
Being employed to translate at important negotiations can include travelling to other countries and, of course, working very long hours. Using a specialist agency is a practical option for all of us, and despite the highly qualified staff involved, the cost is still manageable.
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06 January 2010

Going out

When you are young, free and single, going out to all the top ball games can be one of the most important things you do. If you want to impress your friends, you need to show that you can get hold of exclusives such as Notre Dame Stadium Tickets. But do not let money sense go out of the window in your enthusiasm, as it is not always necessary to pay top dollar for those coveted seats.

By using a professional ticket broker you can be at all your favourite events and still get the cheapest prices. They can offer you the best seats for sports and shows like
Rosemont Theater Tickets throughout the year.

There is an extensive list of event tickets that can help you make huge savings. By dealing with such a big agency you get a share of the discounts they negotiate. If you are looking for Soldier Field Tickets you could get there with all your friends and family, often for the same price as your local cinema.
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Crowd control

If you ever read the gossip columns and check out the photos of celebrities who have appeared on the red carpet at glittering events, you will have seen the stanchions that are used to keep us lesser mortals away from the chosen ones who need to be seen by their public. These pieces of kit are used for all sorts of crowd control purposes - outside the most popular clubs, for example. But they have more innocent applications as well. Next time you visit an art gallery or an ancient cathedral, or any major venue that generates queues, have a look around. Chances are that you will spot a velvet rope at reminds vistors to stay in a certain area or not to touch the exhibits. These passive methods of restricting access are discreet and certainly much more acceptable than an aggressive security guard. But remember, there may also be an infra red beam passing over the line as well, so if you do cross it there could be some very noisy alarms going off.
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