27 January 2010

Travelling soon

After such a long spell of cold and dull weather, my thoughts are definitely turning to holidays. yesterday was the first afternoon when we still saw the sun after 4pm, and the birds were singing as well. Where to go, though? I have received plenty of offers for deals at cheap hotels -both at home and abroad.

I think I need to get further south to soak up some rays after all the snow and ice, so unfortunately that will mean we need airline tickets as well. I am fed up with the poor service from some of the budget carriers, but the good news is that 'proper' airlines like BA can usually match their fares if you go to the right comparison sites.

It is also easy to find a great hotel for not-much money if you look at one of the big travel review sites. These have recent reviews by real holiday makers, giving an honest opinion of how they enjoyed their stay - or not!


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