07 January 2010

Lock it

I never thought, at my great age, that Lockers would still loom large in my life. Memories of dusty School lockers are still with me, as these were the area where the best gossip was exchanged! They were never big enough for all the books and kit I needed with me, and I still needed to drag a bag of stuff backwards and forwards on the school bus.

Then of course, later in life I joined a health club where the Gym Lockers wer certainly of a higher standard. They came in two sizes and naturally I needed to use the larger one. They had to be made more secure after a member's car keys were stolen from his locker and the thief made off with his new car.

And now I am about to open my cafe, where I will need a locker or safe place to store valuables while the premises are open. This will need to be big enough for an oversized handbag and coat - I think a wardrobe is going to be required, as packing light has never been my strength.