27 January 2010


Today was rubbish day - not a rubbish day, but the day when all good citizens are expected to put their refuse in the right receptacle to save the planet. It has crept up on us really, and I can dimly remember the times when we put all our stuff in one bin, or a bag, and left it on the doorstep on the same day every week. Then gradually the message built up that it became the responsible thing to
recycle e waste and we are all expected to take the things to specially situated bottle banks. These then developed into recycling centres, and the whole thing became serious.

Then someone worked out how much petrol was being used to make trips to the dump, and doorstep recycling was born. Of course these collections do not cover major refurbs, and on those occasions a service like skip hire sydney is a requisite. Here in our small village there is no space for skips, and our builder has to take everything away in his van.


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