19 October 2007

NZ sport

Ok, so we are flying high over here in the UK on sports at the moment - but down under in New Zealand there are quite a few bug events in the coming months that are worthy of any sport fan's attention. For example did you realise that the two islands are playing host to the Waitakere World Junior Badminton Championships 2007? This is a region that is definitely mad about sport, it mist be something to do with all that sunshine. Auckland is home to the historic Eden Park rugby and cricket stadium, which is well located close to the city centre. This plays host to dozens of top matches each season and if you would like to get along, make sure you check out the top quality Auckland Accommodation where you can make a weekend of it.

Why stay there for longer? Because Auckland has a well-kept secret: this unassuming city is actually an arts lover's haven, being the home to numerous world-class performing arts venues including the Aotea Centre and Vector Arena. So stay a while and enjoy the culture as well as the local vibe. For the international traveller you will find that Auckland Hotels offer excellent value for money, and you will have the chance to stay at a top quality hotel for a fraction of the cost without sacrificing an ounce of quality. Hotels in Auckland are among the bets in New Zealand, so make sure you think about making the city your touring base.