06 September 2007

Outdoor idea

This year I finally decided to invest in some decent garden furniture. No matter that we have had the worst summer for years, I am still glad that I did so. The old furniture was made from that plastic compound that is pretty indestructible but never actually looks very good - the new teak furniture is as classy as anything I have ever bought for the dining room, and rightly so. After all, as the garden designers constantly tell us, the garden is an extension of the indoor living area and we should make the most of it. Over here the room sizes in new houses are getting much smaller, to the extent where you really cannot swing a cat. So by buying teak patio furniture we can make the garden as comfortable and attractive as possible to extend our living space. In fact we have decided that our teak patio furniture will be brought inside the house at Christmas to accommodate the extra guests - I would never have done that with the old stuff!



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