04 September 2007

Document Scanning Service for efficiency

I can remember quite clearly the first time I noticed an organisation using a Document Scanning Service to further improve the organisation's workflow and overall efficiency. This happened at a consultation with my General Practitioner and he viewed the screen of his personal computer to see the correspondence from the hospital consultant. The practice makes sure that all these hard copy letters are scanned in upon receipt and then the paper version is tied up in the bundle of patient notes. What refreshing efficiency from the National Health Service, I thought.
You can see how much time and confusion can be saved by using this type of Document Scanning Service if you have ever arrived for a medical appointment, only to be told that your notes have been lost. Now the doctor or technician can see all relevant information on-screen. This document scanning can be put into practice in other areas of business and even in dealing with your own paperwork. Your receipts and accounts, which take up a lot of room in a filing cabinet, can be stored digitally for easy access when you working on your accounts at teh end of the tax year. Never hunt around for that lots VAT receipt again!



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