19 August 2007

Accepting cards

It really does not give a very professional image for a new business if it cannot accept card payments. If you are in face to face retail, the lack of card facilities is simply embarrassing but if you are trying to trade online, you must be able to accept cards or your business will simply not survive. The big processors are not very welcoming to new businesses, because the often require you to have a track record before you can get a merchant account approved.

Fortunately there are card processing companies who understand that this is a Catch 22 situation and they have stepped in to fill the breach. For online e-commerce sites, new high street shops or neighbourhood restaurants it is now much easier to be able to pay you using pay with Visa, Master Card or American Express. This has to increase your turnover and profits - it is proven that customers often spend as much as forty per cent more on a card transaction than they would if they paid by cash.

Whether you are a new business or if you operate in a high risk sector they can offer a solution to get you up and running with electronic payments, fast. There are lots of companies who fall into this category in the eyes of financial institutions: internet stores, adult entertainment providers, gambling firms, even travel agencies are usually considered to be higher risk and do not qualify for regular merchant services from the large providers.



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