19 September 2007

Shop and sell

We are having the front of the house decorated at the moment and it made me realise what a difference the outdoor furniture can make to the overall appearance. Especially as we may be selling up, it is important to have that crucial 'kerb appeal'. That means nice painted front doors, and smart residential mailboxes. They are quite a new idea over here, but I can see the sense in having a separate mailbox at home in the same way that companies have commercial mailboxes.

Well I started browsing online and I found an e-shop called mailboxixchange with more than 1500 designs of mailboxes to choose from. I found some excellent designs, to suit all kinds of houses, and I spent a long time looking as they were very attractive. Then I found the cute one shown in the picture with a picture of the dog on the front! This is much against my normal taste, but as a dog lover I just could not resist.

So, back to work: I had spent ages choosing a mailbox, but then I noticed that Mailboxixchange also has an affiliate program, so I am going to join that and promote these designs on my websites. There is a $20 sign-up bonus for new affiliates, as well.