15 September 2007

Flu help

I was at the doctor's surgery this week and I saw notices advertising the Flu Vaccine clinic. I know loads of people who have attended for the vaccine and ended up getting a really bad bout of influenza, maybe worse than if they had not been vaccinated in the first place. There is another source of protection against Winter ills that is becoming increasingly popular as a natural way of increasing your defences. Colloidal silver is seen by many as a powerful prophylactic, using this precious source of healing to help strengthen the body's immune system. When you are looking for colloidal silver, make sure that you are buying true colloidal silver, not a cheap impure version. Colloid means silver particles, not silver ions: many products that claim to be colloidal silver are actually composed of less effective ionic silver. You can find guaranteed pure products with the largest surface area for maximum effectiveness at purestcolloids.com.



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