15 March 2007

Search Engine Optimization - 2

Part Two of our guide to Search Engine Optimization - read the previous instalment:
Optimise each individual page
It is not enough to treat all pages on your site in the same way. Each one is visited by a search engine individually so you need to use the theme of each page to help in competing for the top keywords. This can make the difference between competing for 'dogs' and a more accessible phrase like 'dog treatment for kennel cough'. Once the visitor arrives, they will be able to read the rest of your site which is about .

Choose the right key word phrase
An easy mistake is to look at the phrase from your point of view, and focus on a technical wording rather than the words your customers use. You can check what people are typing in for your niche by consulting the keyword research tools, and there are many available. You can see instantly see the most popular keyword phrases and bid amounts here http://www.resultsgenerator.com/overture/
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