14 March 2007

Identity management

The biggest threat to your network security - where does it lie? The popular belief is that hackers infiltrating your security are most likely to breach your system. You may be shocked to lean that, according to Unixreview.com, comes from authorised users. They commit more than three quarters of computer crime, so providing too much access to your users is a huge security risk. Leading security solution provider, Symark software, is sure to have an Identity Management System to suit your company's needs, whether you use UNIX or Linux. Their experts understand the security weaknesses in both systems and they offer you a one month free evaluation of their products to establish the best solution for you. Their qualified engineers will introduce you to the software and give you full support throughout. Book your test drive today and you can stop the gaps in your system.

Symark Software, the leading provider of UNIX and Linux security administration solutions, today announced that its PowerBroker and PowerPassword-User Management Edition (UME) access control solutions will fully support the new HP Integrity servers running the HP-UX 11i v3 operating system.
By addressing the inherent security gaps in more than 30 versions of UNIX and Linux systems, Symark’s solutions help organizations safeguard proprietary information and comply with federal and industry regulations.
“Because enterprises around the world run mission-critical financial, human resources and other applications on UNIX and Linux systems, it is vital that they have a comprehensive access control mechanism in place,” said Bob Farber, COO of Symark Software. “Symark’s PowerBroker and PowerPassword-UME solutions will facilitate the secure deployment of HP Integrity servers and the HP-UX 11i v3 operating system by restricting and monitoring access to proprietary information and systems. We look forward to working with our customers as they upgrade their IT environments with HP’s new offerings.”
Symark’s PowerBroker and PowerPassword-UME identity management and access control solutions combine best-of-breed functionality with ease-of-use to limit access to information and systems based on pre-defined policies and privileges. PowerBroker protects the root account—the most targeted administrative account—from both external and internal threat, and PowerPassword-UME enables IT managers to centrally deploy, modify and delete individual UNIX and Linux user accounts.
“Security is a top priority for enterprise customers,” said Michelle Weiss, vice president of marketing, Business Critical Systems, HP. “Running Symark Software’s PowerBroker and PowerPassword-UME on HP-UX 11i v3 ensures a robust, enterprise-class solution that has built-in security features to lock down and protect customers’ IT environments.”
About Symark
Founded in 1985, Symark is the leading provider of security administration solutions for heterogeneous IT environments. Symark PowerBroker® enables granular delegation of administrative privileges while restricting UNIX/Linux root account access. Symark PowerPassword®, User Management Edition provides UNIX/Linux user account management along with login and password security policies. Symark PowerKeeper® provides storage and secure access of administrative passwords for multiple servers, applications, and network devices. All three products offer central administration and detailed audit logs. Symark offers extensive expertise in enterprise computing security, and its products are backed by unmatched technical support.