13 March 2007

Review - Shimon Sandler

Search engine optimization should be the first priority for any webmaster or blogger. When we search on one of the search engines for a subject we want to know more about, the result at the top of the first page is probably the one we will click on. If that website is selling a product or service then they are more likely to make the sale. It is possible to pay to appear at the top of the page, in the tinted section of 'sponsored links' but that costs big money and many surveys find that web visitors often avoid clicking on those links.

The route to appearing in those top few first page links of organic search engine listings can be long and hard: your website will only be shown if your web entry is optimised to meet search engine requirements. The value of the free advertising provided by the search engines is enormous. It is especially useful if you do not have money to burn on expensive PPC advertising. If your marketing and advertising budgets are limited, the money is best spent with a reputable search engine optimisation consultant. Shimon Sandler seems to be very thorough. His site is actually a blog, and it is full of information on the role of an SEO consultant. His first priority is to understand his client's needs and he has laid out several packages of service that he can provide. This is far more interactive than the usual sites on SEO consultancy and I think it is well worth a visit. This is a full service online marketing resource that is available for large or small businesses to use.


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