12 March 2007

PC Dial Up

Strange but true - nearly half of Internet users worldwide are still using dialup. Why is this? Do they not realise the savings they can make with a flat rate broadband package, or the benefits of the extra speed from a broadband internet connection? Obviously there are still some regions where broadband is not yet available but many of them may think (wrongly) that broadband would be more expensive than dial up. If you are one of the group who still wants dialup, or you have no choice, here is a benefit for you as a result of so many consumers going over to broadband. PCDialup.com has a deal where you can save through this glut of dial up capacity, offering a Basic 56k dialup service for just $3.95 per month. PCDialup.com also offers software accelerated web browsing, which for dialup users can really help make the web snappy. The price with acceleration is just a dollar more, $4.95 per month. You can sign up and gain access in just a few minutes. Dialup coverage today is limited to California, but it's expanding US wide shortly. If you live in another state you can leave your contact details, and receive an email when coverage reaches your area.

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