15 March 2007

Bloggers Competition

You lucky bloggers!! If you are in North America, you can enter the Remodel, Blog & Win competition, simply by blogging about your home improvement project. Winning money and blogging about the prospect is heaven for the average blogger, the contest is the brainchild of RemodelingMySpace.com, whose site is jam packed with free information and how-to guides, so your DIY is bound to be successful. The top prize is $5000 and will be judged on best use of space, materials and budget. Even if you are not a blogger yet, you can still get involved: pop over the the site and get all the details you need. This contest really is a no-brainer, and it could be just the push needed to get you started on the long-planned house renovation this spring. I am feeling very left out here in the UK cos the contest benefits you as blogger by involving you in the PR and marketing that surrounds it, so you will have loads of new content and gain massive link popularity. Maybe I can do a virtual remodeling?

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