16 March 2007

Smart PR

For the sole entrepreneur or small to medium enterprise aiming to make their mark with a local audience, Small Business Mavericks should be among your bookmarks. They work very hard to assist you with the marketing and publicity for your business using online methods to reach your local audience. Grabbing your community is far more than simply putting an ad in your local freesheet. By using internet marketing creatively you can connect with your prospects, widen your market and cut your marketing budget at the same time. How is this done? Well, Caroline Melberg has distilled all her experience and tips into a newly written eBook, in which she reveals specific tactics which are illustrated with case histories of real small business owners who found ways to get attention that far exceeded expectations. The book is titled "How to Get Massive Publicity for YOUR Local Small Biz, Even on a Shoestring Budget". For just $39 this book will help small business owners learn to obtain positive press for their business, within a manageable budget.
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