17 March 2007

Lasting Colour

It has always been a mystery to me that conventional lipstick rubs off at the slightest opportunity - a quick kiss, for example, leaves its own mark on the other person - or his shirt, as my partner never fails to remind me. Even if the lipstick has no kissing encounters, it will still rub off from eating or drinking so needs constant touching up. Happily, there are alternatives - for example lipsense Lipstain, a liquid lip colour that promises to last throughout your day. You need to apply three layers to get an enduring finish and the good news is that you can layer different shades so if you buy a shade that is not exactly right, as I often do, you can soften it with another. There is another benefit: regular lipsticks can dry the lips, but the makers say that when you use LipSense Lipstain and moisture gloss regularly, your lips get extra protection against chapping.