09 May 2007

Weight Management Device

I noticed as a I drove past a bus queue this morning that all five people waiting there were using handheld devices. mobile phones and PDAs. With our epidemic of obesity over here, I think there will be a good opportunity for the makers of a newly developed Electronic Handheld Calorie Counter, Portable Diabetes Carb Counter called CalorieSmart. This device has been created with electronic technology, but it is much more than just a portable calorie counter, it contains a comprehensive food database that tells you instantly about the nutritional content of over 35,000 different food items, including those from over 500 brands of food and 250 restaurants. This Electronic Calorie Counter, Handheld Calorie Counter, Food Diary is just what dieters have been waiting for and using it will not be an embarrassment because CalorieSmart looks just like any other hand held PDA, but in my opinion the data itr contains is much more valuable than the contents of most PDAs. Tags:diary,