04 May 2007

Beauty Business

Good news if you are considering breast augmentation is that Rodeo Drive Breast Augmentation is one of the first professional centres to offer the newly available silicone implants. Those with a good memory will realise that silicone was used in implants until it was banned in 1992, and after that women had no choice. Saline implants were becoming more popular at the time: these are silicone shells that contain saline, closely resembling other body fluids. Many believed these were preferable if the implants were to rupture because the implants will simply deflate and the saline solution can be absorbed by the body. The Rodeo Drive Centre specializes in breast implants of all sizes and for women of all ages and body types. They use saline implants and are now pleased to provide silicone implants since they were approved by the FDA. The type of implant and procedure will be designed according to your needs. The Beverly Hills approach to breast augmentation has been making news, with recent media reports on their breast augmentation techniques on Access Hollywood, The Los Angeles Times, and Univision.



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