04 May 2007

Computers for Exhibitions

When I used to have a job the Chief Executive liked to arrange big management conferences to spread new messages around. These were always held off-sites and that presented a big challenge to me as the organiser. I could only get one laptop to take along, and several times we had compatibility problems between the different pieces of kit. This led to embarrassing delays and caused major stress . The IT department would not allow us to buy extra laptops and projectors. Now I would go to a company like ComputerRentals.com, who offer a solution: computer rentals for training, trade shows, conventions or short term projects. They also offer Mac Pro rentals if your company is one whose computers are Mac based. Whether your business needs a computer for one day or one month, all you need to do is get a rental quote online or by calling the toll free number. A good solution if your business needs a quick, less expensive alternative to computer access.



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