28 April 2007

Moving Domain Names - Lessons I learned

I wrote a post about my experiences of setting up some new 'free' domain names, which are now happily set up at my usual domain name registrar and web hosting company. Next I needed to deal with sending visitors from the old subdomain to the new domain. I loaded up the files via the FTP server to the new domain control panel. My big concern was to avoid a duplicate penalty form running the two sets of files at the same time. The web hosting CP allows a redirect to be placed on teh domain, but then I discovered that I could place a redirect in the .htaccess file from the old domain to the new one. The content of my .htaccess file now reads 'redirect 301 / http://www.top-dog-tips.com/' Problem solved - all existing traffic is sent to the new domain and I can remove the old files to avoid duplicate problems.
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