27 April 2007

Website Translation

Any business operating in the international marketplace needs to offer the same service to all its clients in order to get their business. For example if you are based in an English speaking country, potential clients who don't have English as their first language will be impressed if you have gone to the trouble of offering a website translation. This will help them to browse your products or services more easily and, of course, make an order more easily too.

Don't think you can leave the translation to the automatic translation buttons offered by the search engines. They don't give an accurate legal translation of your words and the reader could get the wrong impression of your message if there as a word in your website copy that the translation software doesn't understand.

And another tip: use an agency that provides a seamless service for translation, website design and search engine optimisation.
Translation Central, for example, can quote you for the whole job: translation - including the localised version e.g. Brazilian Spanish - design and programming and SEO in the translated version.