24 April 2007

Text Link Ads to monetise your blog

Good news recently for Bloggers is that Blogger (blogspot) sites can now display Text Link Ads. Until now this network would not allow its ads on these types of sites only option for Blogger users was to display an affiliate link and recruit new TLA advertisers.

Text Link Ads offers another extra way to monetise a blog. Text Link Ads can be displayed alongside AdSense without breaching the Google Terms of Service. Text Link Ads deliver ads to websites with a similar theme to the host site. The ads are not contextual - they do not change to reflect the page content in the way AdSense does, so are not directly in competition with AdSense. As a Text Link Advertiser you are paid a flat monthly fee which is depends on your site traffic. They are not pay per click, so the publisher can be confident of receiving payment every month that a TLA ad appears on their site. TLA pays your advertising revenue by PayPal at the beginning of every month. If you are a Blogger and you have not yet joined Text Link Ads you can sign up today.

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