21 April 2007

Business Language

The need to speak at least one other language is no less now than it has ever been and I cannot understand why schools in England no longer make language learning a compulsory subject. I was lucky, I learned French and German at school, but later I decided it would be a good idea to learn some Italian and Spanish as well.

I later had the chance to learn Spanish in Birmingham with some work colleagues and a language teacher came to the workplace for our classes. We were working in the International department and it was essential for all of us to be able to read emails from agents in other countries, written in Spanish.

Learning Business language was really interesting, and when I learned Italian I found a similar type of class. All our textbooks and language exercises covered the situations that would arise when dealing with a Spanish company, from booking a business trip to visiting the client's business premises in Spain. I fully recommend in-house business language training to any company that wants to remain competitive in international markets.



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