20 April 2007

Earn on your Blog with TextLinkAds

I have sold my first few blog links through Text Link Ads, this is a great way of getting passive income and you can now submit most types of blogs including Blogspot blogs. Text Link Ads offers another extra way to earn money from your blog. You can sell Text Link Ads as well as displaying your AdSense ads: This doesn't breach Google's Terms of Service. The ads sold through TextLinkAds are not contextual - that means the page content doesn't influence the Ad content, so your TextLinkAds do not conflict with AdSense. As a Text Link Advertiser you are paid a flat monthly fee for each link, depending on your site traffic. TLA pays your advertising income to your PayPal account every month. If you have blogs and you have not yet joined Text Link Ads you can sign up here today.

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