18 April 2007

Conveyancing Solicitors

Conveyancing solicitors offer fixed price house conveyancing for house purchase, sales and also for remortgaging. They will quote you a cost for their conveyancing services, plus disbursements. The only problem can be that solicitors don't always specify the cost of the disbursements so you could still get a nasty surprise. I was checking costs for my mother's house move yesterday and the solicitors I used last time were asking a fee of £500 + VAT for the sale transaction alone. I was seeking a lower price, but I still want personal service from a named conveyancer. This led me to a firm called Conveyancing Brokers, who offer to connect the house buyer with a recommended firm of conveyancing solicitors for a competitive fixed price. The fee - £279 +VAT for the sale, and they listed out all the disbursements. I get a named conveyancing solicitor and the whole transaction is by phone, email or post. I will keep you posted of progress ....
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