15 April 2007

No down payment

When I first tried to buy my first home it was really hard because most lenders demanded a ten per cent downpayment. It is really hard when you cannot get on to the first rung of the housing ladder, but things are better nowadays. If you have encountered similar difficulties with finding loans or mortgages, have a look at Canadian Mortgage Brokers. This is a website where they will find credit for people with a bad credit history due to past difficulties. For example they can help you to find a No Down Payment Mortgage which is really good news if you don't have anyone in your family who can help you raise that vital first deposit. Home ownership really is the best way to live as long as you make sure your repayments are manageable. Buying A House With $0 Downmeans your asset starts to appreciate from day one, and eventually you start to build up that equity that allows you to move on later.