14 April 2007

Finance Help

A friend of mine confessed recently that she was caught in a negative equity dilemma when she bought her first home some years ago. Faced with falling prices and no obvious solution they handed the keys back - big mistake. Happily there is now a free online consumer portal Bills.com that can advise you of all your options if you are faced with high repayments on your mortgage. They tip the tables in your favour by making quality lenders compete for your custom, not the other way round. American consumers have saved millions by shopping for finance through Bills.com, where all the best rates are available in a click. Regardless of your current circumstances there is plenty of information on this site to help you reach your personal finance goals. And you do not need a perfect credit history - trust Bill to find a lender who welcomes your business even with a poor past credit record. Have a look today, you are bound to be better off.