21 April 2007

Learn Spanish

Anybody who wants to do business in the international arena really does need to speak at least one other language, preferably more. The good news is that it is never too late to learn. Even if you found languages hard when you were at school, you will find there are business language courses that are tailored to your needs. Teachers who are highly qualified and experienced can give you one to one language teaching, or they can teach you in a small group with work colleagues. I have Japanese tenants in my house at present so I am considering whether to sign up and learn Japanese in Birmingham.

Classes are available across the UK, so language trainers can help you get started and learn French in Brighton if you are on the south coast. Your language trainer will check your current knowledge of the language you want to learn. There is a very good interactive multiple choice test that you can take to check your knowledge of French, German, Spanish or any other language you want to study.