24 April 2007

Earn Online Risk Free

I was very pleased to hear from several of our ezine readers recently, many of you are rightly wary of internet scams. You are also cautious of investing money upfront, and that is a wise strategy. I started online with one domain name ($8), one month's web hosting ($10) and an auto responder ($10 per month). There are free autoresponders, but they offer a very basic service and it is time consuming to move your subscriber list when you later outgrow a free responder.
My blogs are hosted for free on Blogger, and I never buy any books or software without justifying the spend to myself and my partner. Even if an opportunity requires no cash investment, you could still waste a lot of time taking part if it is a scam (like duno), so it may not be recommended here - I will highlight the best of the best for residual income, over the next weeks and months.

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