25 April 2007

Webmaster Help

If you want to set up free web signup forms fro your site or blog you might want to check out Forms4Free.com. They offer a stress free way for webmasters to make a free HTML form and download form mail after subscribers enter their details on the Online form. This looks as if it is going to be a top site for non-technical webmasters to save hours of work. Forms4Free.com has been around since 2005, at first they just provided a free HTML Form Wizard to help website owners who did not know how to code an HTML form to design a form completely free of charge. Now they have added a new service. In addition to a free HTML Form, they decided to also provide the form mail file for $19.95. The form mail file is a processing file that gets uploaded to the website, and it processes the HTML form and emails, to the webmaster, the answers from the form.