27 April 2007

Search Engine Optimization - 4

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Make full use of link and image tags

Every URL and image link will be labelled and this is another chance to include keywords and phrases, both on the page and in the HTML. On the page, it is simply good writing style. Instead of 'click here', use a term like '.. more funny dog stories'. Within each URL tag the HTML code can include "alt = funny dog stories". These are two more chances to include your keywords and increase their relevance to the page, all helping your page ranking and Search Engine Recognition prospects. There is nothing 'black hat' about this practice, as the alt tag is intended to describe the link if the link is not available. Your description will not only inform your reader but also include your keywords.

7. Invite the spiders to visit
It is disappointing for knowledgeable web designers that the search engines do not enjoy Frames, reams of Javascript, Flash and HTML style descriptions - in fact they will probably choke and go elsewhere. If you must include these elements you will need to pay an SEO specialist to set up an alternative web for the spiders to crawl. Otherwise, just go back to basics: keep Javascript to a minimum, use a separate stylesheet and no frames.
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