06 May 2007

Rodeo Drive Surgery

If you do not like the appearance of your nose, you can seek surgery - known as rhinoplasty - from many clinics. Before doing this you should be aware that this is not just cosmetic surgery, and a mistake during surgery can affect your breathing ability. The surgeons at Beverly Hills rhinoplasty are aware of this and their approach to rhinoplasty is unusual. They have a team of two surgeons with complementary training and backgrounds who do all our nose surgery together. This interdisciplinary approach provides you the benefit of a broad perspective and skills during your evaluation and treatment, with equal focuses on the cosmetic and functional aspects of your rhinoplasty. Paying attention only to aesthetics can lead to problems with breathing following surgery. Paying attention only to breath flow can compromise aesthetics. The surgeons work to overcome these problems by using our different perspectives to focus simultaneously on both improving appearance and function. They call this approach The Rodeo Drive Breathe Easy RhinoplastyT



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