04 May 2007

Hotel Bookings

There is nothing more annoying than chatting to other guests by your hotel pool in the sun and discovering that they got their rooms at a lower rate than you, and the same maxim goes for air fares. Often the difference in seat prices can be more than a hundred per cent. Imagine finding that the guy next to you paid half as much for the same flight! Friends of mine got to their hotel in Spain recently and saw the regular room rates being advertised at reception were a fraction of what they had paid - and they had booked early for a 'special rate'. Needless to say, this left a sour taste throughout their stay. So if you don't want a price shock when you go on your next holiday, what can you do? If you cannot spend hours searching every available outlet, it's time to let the experts do the hard work for you: Hotel Reservations are the experts on price and destinations, and they will check prices and organise bookings for your hotels, car hire and airline tickets. They guarantees to get you the lowest possible rates on Hotels, motels and holiday resorts so you can relax and leave them to do the shopping around on your behalf and find the best Hotel Discounts. The site is available in several languages: English, French Spanish, German & Italian, so you can browse in your own language.



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