08 May 2007

SEO on a Budget

In the quest for a high page rank and the free traffic that goes with it, many marketers are asking whether they should invest in a professional search engine optimization (SEO) service. Here is an SEO consultancy that can help you improve your ranking without the need to write a blank cheque. Discount Click is refreshingly open in its pricing structure which makes it easier to decide.

Most home webmasters try to do their own optimisation, with mixed results. If you can allocate a budget for an outside SEO agency, you can go to them with your fixed budget in the knowledge that they can get you a quality inbound link for a price of $50.

Discount Click will not make unrealistic promises to put you on page one for your search term in 48 hours - I would be suspicious if they did - they are not in the business of building unrealistic expectations in their clients. Instead they will do solid optimising work on your website to achieve increased search engine visibility for your selected search phrases.



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