27 March 2007

Merc parts

Mercedes are lovely cars, the saloons are comfortable, air conditioned and the car impresses other people when you pull up at an important event. But when our Mercedes radiator sprang a leak in a remote beach car park, the car was just like any other heap of metal until its radiator could be repaired. If you have never experienced a punctured radiator, it is awful - you watch, powerless to stop the coolant fluid escaping all over the ground. The simple fact was, the car would not move without a replacement Mercedes Radiator, and Mercedes parts do not come cheap. Fortunately Radiators.com can supply high quality new and used Mercedes radiator replacement parts, and they guarantee lowest prices. They hold a massive stock inventory so they can offer same-day or next-day delivery of your order and get you back on the road with as little pain as possible.



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