23 March 2007

Affiliate Earning program

Here is a new affiliate program that could be very lucrative for you - a new affiliate deal has been launched by Small Business Mavericks. This is a two tier programs that offers you a 35% commission on every product you sell, and a 15% commission on every product sold by people you refer to Small Business Mavericks, who also become our affiliates. Sign-up is easy, just visit the site and click on the "sign-up" button. The Small Business mavericks site offers you Unlimited earning potential, fast and reliable payments as often as each month, real-time sales tracking with notifications every time you make a sale. You can also get free promotional materials to promote the Small Business Maverick products - choose from pre-written text ads, e-mails, banner ads and attention getting graphics. This makes it so easy for you to generate huge affiliate commissions. In addition as a Small Business Maverick affiliate you can earn 15% commission on sales made by people you refer to them who also become Small Business Maverick affiliates. need any more convincing? I thought not.
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