30 March 2007

Free Domain Names

I have set up a new domain for Kevin the Collie's website, after hosting it on a subdomain for more than six months. Cheapskate, I know, but at first we thought it was just a side interest. We really concentrated on his dog training blog at first, and that is still successful. Then in December I got an offer for five completely free domain names, from a domain registrar that was new to me - and shall remain nameless. Of course I took it, hoping to save some cash. Big mistake! I could not get them loaded on to my web hosting company DNS servers. I have done this before with other domains form other registrars so I know I was not making any mistakes. Despite numerous contacts with the Help Desk the action was aborting every time. In the end I simply left the for the 60 day period to pass, after which I moved them to my usual domain name registrar. To move the domains I had to pay their usual fee, so in the end I saved nothing and got loads of hassle in the process. The moral is: free domains are never worthwhile. If you want to know the name of the first domain name registrar, leave me your details and I will let you know. I am certainly not going to give them a link back!

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