27 March 2007

Maui Soap

If you enjoy using handmade soap, here is a range of soaps, bath and body lotion evocative of one of the most beautiful islands of the world. The name is Remember Maui Handmade Soap. If you are lucky enough to have visited Maui, this fragrant high quality soap will bring back fragrant memories of Maui, the Valley Isle. There is a story behind these gorgeous soaps, since the proprietors discovered the island and its silky smooth soap. They decided to retire to Maui and build a business around remember Maui handmade soaps. The soap and bath products are now available around the world. This unique Hawaiian cream handmade soap is especially created with a two-step cold process method. A wide variety of sixteen alluring fresh fruit and floral fragrances are now available, to heighten and delight your senses.



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