28 March 2007

Vision Case Studies

Any retailing company in the third millennium depends on state of the art automation and totally reliable retail point of sale systems to maintain efficiency and profitability. Without its point of sale system any retail operation would be on its knees in hours. Retail giant Aeropostale recently contracted Vision Point of Sales (Vision) for total replacement of its systems over the next two years. The interesting aspect of this agreement is its sustainable aspect. Vision offers refurbished equipment as an option in its comprehensive programs and Aeropostale has chosen to include pre-owned, certified printers, cash drawers and keyboards in its inventory. Vision installed systems in 325 Aeropostale stores in 2006, and the remaining 325 stores will be refitted by the end of 2007. Vision is working rapidly to accommodate the needs of its client, by completing 24 stores each week. The clients at Aeropostale have the added assurance of a web portal that tracks all aspects of this ongoing project on a “real time” basis. Vision's option of using certified, pre-owned point of sale products to major companies helps them contain costs and improve their green profile. Frank Muscarello, President and CEO of Vision, states, “Recent informal case studies of our customers, mostly large retail chains, show that they prefer to procure their POS systems through a full service retailer such as Vision because we provide the equipment, install it and offer expert customer service.”
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